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Surround Cutter

Range of sprinkler surround cutter

      Product description:

      Small Sprinkler Surround Cutter 
      75mm Sprinkler Surround Cutter T handle 
      100mm Sprinkler Surround Cutter T handle 

      Range of sprinkler surround cutters are a great product for clearing over grown lawn Pop up gear drive sprinklers are always subjected to being covered by growing lawn This prevents the sprinklers from popping out of the ground and operating correctly The sprinkler surround cutter is used to push through CUT the lawn around the sprinkler Leaving a neat trimmed edge away from the sprinkler Both of the larger models have a waist high T handle which makes them very quick easy to use This model avoids any bending down to the sprinkler The smaller hand held surround cutter is ideal for home owners This easy to use model has a rubber grip and is great for simple trimming This model can also be.
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